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Male Contraception

Male pharmaceutical contraception, primarily based on hormone level altering, has been researched for as long as that of women. Over the years of research and studies, products were not launched because the men in the studies would not tolerate the side effects.

Men who were interested in being the partner who controlled the pregnancy choice were left with few options. Primarily vasectomy which may or may not be reversible and condoms which have traditionally left a lot of room for error.

Non-hormonal birth control is now coming of age for both men and women.

Options to explore for men include:

The Male Contraceptive Initiative: An advocacy group with a tremendous amount of excellent information about historic, current and future male birth control.

Male Contraception Considerations – Male Contraceptive Initiative

Your Choice is a non-hormonal birth control pill that is presented as just as effective as the female birth control pill.

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It\’s an exciting time to be fertile and having sex with so many more options on they way.

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