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Genetic Nutrition Experts

This is a very limited list of Medical Professionals using Genetic Nutrition 

Updated 2/6/2024

For those Living with Cancer –

Dana Lynn Young Nutrition 

The Foundation is working closely with Ms. Young to devise solutions.

Melissa Manning Services – Melissa Manning Nutrition

Nichole Andrews Contact | The Oncology Dietitian | Nichole Andrews RDN

Kristie Howlett

Team of Nutritionists at

Medical Professionals trained at the Metabolic Health Institute (see Referrals tab)


Medical Professionals trained at Oncology Nutrition Institute (see Find a Grad)

For Patients with or without cancer.

Stevie Snow at Rimby Health Home | R.I.M.B.Y. Health (

Genetic Lifehacks keeps a referral directory

3×4 Genetics has a Practicioner Directory

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