Better Estrogen

Mission Statement

The Better Estrogen Health Foundation’s mission is to save lives by educating women about estrogen exposures and how genetic nutritional tools may prevent cancer.

1 in 10 women in the US will develop estrogen sensitive breast cancer. 

Estrogen produced naturally by women’s own bodies and external estrogens impact women’s reproductive health all their lives from birth until death.  All day long women are confronted with extra estrogen exposures through birth control pills, infertility treatments, hormone replacement, natural hormone replacement and chemicals that mimic estrogen found in shampoos, cosmetics, detergents, food and water, and more.

If Estrogen doesn’t exit the body optimally, it can contribute to health problems such as fibroid tumors, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, severe acne and even estrogen sensitive cancers.

In other words, estrogen hormones play an outside role in women’s lives so it is critical that it exits our body healthfully.

The Better Estrogen Foundation educates women how to use genetic nutritional tools to prevent daily estrogen exposures from becoming toxic. This is of special importance to those living with cancer as after cancer treatment, many patients are not given advice about nutritional tools and many live in fear of the cancer coming back from their diet and exposures but don’t know how to do so. To help, with this fear, we provide genetic testing and nutritional consults to women living with cancer and those at high risk. 

The Better Estrogen Foundation educates women so they become fearless  advocates for their own health. 

Improving estrogen nutrition is an important tool in the lifelong goal of staying cancer free.

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