Better Estrogen


There are many chemicals in our modern lives, especially in the United States, many of which can mimic estrogen. Just by leading our regular lives, eating food, drinking water, putting on makeup and lotions, shampooing our hair and keeping our lawns green we might be getting small doses of extra estrogens which can add up and potentially become toxic.

If you have a lot of damage on your estrogen genes, it is vital that you eat and purchase as ‘clean’ as possible.

All Americans, in particular, should try to use products that have less chemicals that disrupt your hormones.

Here are a few vital resources to help you figure it out.

The Environmental Working Group,, evaluates thousands of products and grades them. They also have an app that you can use while shopping.


Because Health,, is a how-to guide for cleaner living. They have a good section on how to have a lawn without pesticides. (From experience, with difficulty but well worth it.)


Made Safe,, certifies safe products in a variety of categories.


Silent Spring Institute,, has an app called Detox ME, which guides users in avoiding chemical exposure.

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