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Direct to Consumer Ovarian Reserve Testing – Menopause Onset Estimate?

Ovarian Reserve Testing is now available directly to consumers. This is an empowering development but the interpretation of results should be discussed with a medical professional.

In theory, this would allow for more precise planning about when to have a baby or to make a more refined estimate about IVF success rates. These tests are not genetic tests discussed in other blogs.

One such company is:

This test is only looking at the Anti-Mullerian Hormone to estimate where a woman is within the Ovarian Lifecycle. AMH is a predictor of the onset of menopause.

This is only one marker that reproductive endocrinologists use to assist them in producing more eggs within a single cycle and estimating success.

Lapcorp also offers a panel that doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription.

Ovarian Reserve | Women\’s Reproductive Health (

The medical community is not in consensus about the validity of such tests to denote fertility as noted in this article.

Key Points

Question  Is diminished ovarian reserve, as measured by low antimüllerian hormone (AMH), associated with infertility among women of late reproductive age?

Findings  In this time-to-pregnancy cohort study of women aged 30 to 44 years without a history of infertility, women with a low AMH value had an 84% predicted cumulative probability of conception by 12 cycles of pregnancy attempt compared with 75% in women with a normal AMH value, a nonsignificant difference.

Meaning  Among women attempting to conceive naturally, diminished ovarian reserve was not associated with infertility; women should be cautioned against using AMH levels to assess their current fertility.

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