The Better Estrogen Health Foundation’s mission is to save lives by educating women about estrogen exposures and how genetic nutrition may prevent cancer.

1 in 10 women in the US will develop estrogen sensitive breast cancer.

Women are confronted with Extra Estrogen Exposures all day long such as:

Birth control pills, infertility treatments, Hormone replacement, natural hormone replacement and chemicals that mimics estrogen found in shampoos, cosmetics, detergents, food and  water.

The Better Estrogen Foundation educates women how to use genetic nutritional tools  to prevent these daily estrogen exposures from becoming toxic. We provide testing and genetic nutritional consults to those in need.

After breast cancer treatment, patients in remission, are often not given advice on how to lessen recurrence risk leaving women with continuous worry.  The Better Estrogen Foundation aims to educate women so they fear less and become fearless advocates for their own health.

Improving Estrogen Nutrition is an important tool in the lifelong goal of staying cancer free.


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