FOR PHYSICIANS White Paper from Estrogen Gene Test Co. (Closed)

FOR PHYSICIANS White Paper from the Former Estrogen Gene Test Co. Download EGT White Paper » Estrogen Gene Testing is used to identify polymorphisms in all of the key estrogen metabolism genes. It is a unique tool that can identify patients who inappropriately metabolize estrogen and related compounds. While every woman should have an Estrogen Gene Test […]

FOR PHYSICIANS Select Peer-Studied Reviews

Estrogen Metabolism and Cancer University of North Carolina led study presented at American Association Cancer Research 2019. Study of 687 women measuring their estrogen metabolites against their mortality. In the 18 years of follow up, urinary concentration of 2-OHE/16-OHE ratio (>median of 1.8 vs. < median of 1.8) associated with reduced risk of all-cause mortality. […]

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